Travel Accounts and Other Accounts

Johan Turi (1931/2019): Travel Accounts and Other Accounts

(2019, kartonnage, 120 s.)

Boken finns till försäljning online på Kiruna bokhandel.

A Revised and Expanded Edition of Johan Turi’s Duoddaris (From the Mountain), Edited by Mikael Svonni and translated into English by Thomas A. DuBois.

Johan Turi (1854-1836) is best known for his books Muitalus sámiid birra (An Account of the Sámi; 1910) and Sámi deavsttat (Sámi Texts; 1918-19), both mile- stones in Sámi literary and cultural history. The third and final book of Turi’s authorial career appeared in Sámi and Swedish in 1931, just five years before Turi’s death. It tells of Turi’s travels across Sápmi, his experiences as a hunter and trapper, his reminiscences of memorable people and animals, and his vision of life and justice in the north of Sweden at the outset of the twentieth century. This expanded and illustrated edition of Turi’s final book, ably edited by Mikael Svonni, appears for the first time ever in English translation.